Proud Honorary Ambassadors of Korea

We introduce to you the activities
that the overseas Koreans of today can join in for
the future of Korea and the whole world. 

① Tell our ‘dream’ in every corner of the world.

Dream 1. Including contents about the development of Korea in
textbooks around the world 

Korea has a surprising history of having achieved the development of democracy and
the advancement of the industry in a short period. However, the description of Korea in
overseas textbooks still wrongly describes Korea as ‘a subordinate state of China’,
or only focuses on the Japanese Occupation Period and the Korean War. Suppose the
contents about the development of Korea are included in the textbook (which is one of
the elements in which the youth can be greatly influenced), it will not only help the
students realize the importance of citizen participation,- but also boost the status of
 as well as help build positive image of Korea.

Dream 2. Designating the Day of Democracy and Economic
Development of Korea as an anniversary in the international society 

The Day of Democracy and Economic Development of Korea is an anniversary that
commemorates the process of how Korea turned into a developed country from one of the
poorest countries in the world, and could also give the people a lesson through this. 

Through this anniversary, it can be explained that Korea is not just a country that takes the head
in popular culture, but also that it grew to how it is today by overcoming many difficulties.
In addition, it will instill a sense of pride in the minds of Korean War veterans and the Korean people
around the world, and by confirming common values that have been shared by Korea and another
cooperative country, there will be an opportunity to promote friendship between the countries.

② Watch the campaign video and share it on social media.

③ Design a teaching plan about the development of Korea,
then give lessons based on it.

The case of Mr. Lee Kicheol, Head of the Overseas Koreans Agency,
who included contents about the development of Korea
in Dutch textbooks together with overseas Koreans in Dutch>

The development of Korea is an achievement of Korea that no one
can deny. 

The unprecedented development of Korea holds significance in
world history,- and it can be confirmed through relevant statistics
that the development of Korea is the first in the world, and that
Korea is among the ranks of developed countries.

If the development of Korea – which is acknowledged by everyone –
is included in school textbooks and taught during lessons, a lot of
things will change in the thinking processes of students
In particular, educating about the development of Korea can give
the students a lesson that ‘the fate of a country depends on the
will, effort, and attitude of the people.’
Through lessons, students can think about their own lives as well as
the future of their home country and the world, and grow to
become a world leader by establishing one’s attitudes and values.

To help students grow correctly, to guide the future of Korea and
the world,  please join in designing a lesson plan that makes known
the development of Korea and teach it at school!