About the Website


The Development of Korea in the World” website was created as a result of
business cooperation between VANK and the Overseas Korean Agency,
to properly inform about the development of Korea as well as the history and culture
of the country to overseas Korean societies and their countries of residence. 

The Development of Korea in the World

“The Development of Korea in the World” is a website that was built to help
the youth who are overseas nationals, students around the world, and people
all over the world who are interested in Korea to understand the process of
the development of Korea as well as to help them like Korea. In particular, it is
a website that seeks to help teachers including those in Korean schools as
well as students by including the development of politics and the economy of
Korea in textbooks around the world, and letting Korea be known effectively.

While telling in detail about the contents of the development of Korea, it
consists of: introducing the necessity of the development of Korea in
textbooks and specific examples, introducing overseas nationals who
contributed to the development of Korea what overseas nationals can do
for the future, and so on.

Through this website, we hope that a lot of people – especially 7 million
overseas Koreans – know well about the development of Korea,- and that
Korea is known correctly by including contents about the development of
Korea in the textbooks of many countries.


Cyber Diplomacy Organization, VANK (Voluntary Agency
Network of Korea) is an NGO that was established on the
internet in January 1999, to let foreigners know correctly
about Korea.

The members of VANK – as cyber diplomats – are communicating with friends all around the world, and
are making efforts to correct distorted information about
Korea including the East Sea, Dokdo, Korean history,
and Korean culture.

VANK is running various programs to improve the image
of Korea in the international community and to increase
understanding about other countries. Furthermore, to foster
a sense of identity for overseas nationals and to create
favorable conditions for the entry of the next generation
into mainstream society and their remarkable activities in
their countries of residence, VANK is cooperating with numerous
overseas national organizations and actively promoting the
history and culture of Korea.

The Overseas Koreans Agency

The Overseas Koreans Agency (OKA) is an agency that directs
policies for overseas nationals, which seek to establish and
execute comprehensive support policies for 7 million overseas
nationals around the world.

The Overseas Koreans Agency, by offering practical assistance
to overseas nationals, is making efforts to serve as fencing
and spokesperson for overseas nationals.

The Overseas Koreans Agency is carrying out various services
with the main purpose of establishing policies that reflect the
suggestions from overseas nationals, fostering a sense of
identity for overseas nationals as well as elevating their statuses
in their countries of residence, supporting alienated overseas
nationals, and so on. The agency, through the joint development
of overseas nationals and Korea, eventually wishes to contribute
to the realization of Korea as a global hub country and to the
joint prosperity of humanity.